Surrounding services

We provide you, our customer, with surrounding services in addition to standard processing services. You gain strong competitive advantage and your workload could be optimized. We can offer you added value solutions in areas of issuing, acquiring, security of payment transactions and online IS solutions.

Portal for merchants  – Merchant Portal
ATM Portal
Online acces to management of issued cards
■   By portal
■   By published web services
TMS systems integration
Unattended terminals
Support of different authorization protocols – SPDH, BIC ISO, ISO 8583
Acceptance of payment vouchers on POS/ATM
ATM systems integration
Optimization of ATM networks
„Multi-vendor“ application made by KAL comany
Card not present transactions, cash withdrawal through mobile phone
„3D secure“
Risk monitoring
Mobile payments providing
Credit scoring for issued cards – CreditLogic system
Management of loyalty program
Installment loans support
Personalization services for issuance of transport and city (close loop) cards
Security Information and Event Management – SIEM